A Long History of Service
to People Who Enjoy High Rock Lake

In 1954 a large group of property owners from all sections of High Rock Lake met on the west side of Abbotts Creek, opposite the Oakwood Pavilion. The late Gilbert File was named chairman of the committee to meet with directors of The Oakwood Acres Association for the purpose of forming an organization to represent all property owners around the lake, as well as the general public who used the lake for recreation.

Thus was formed High Rock Lake Association Inc. (HRLA) It is still, until this day, actively representing the property owners and users of the lake. Its main source of income is from membership dues and contributions. The Board of Directors and Officers are volunteers from all walks of life, who serve without pay. They all share a love of the lake.

The High Rock Lake Association has become nationally recognized as a strong organization, and as an aggressive watchdog of the lake for its hundreds of dues paying members.

Notable Accomplishments
  • Chartered in 1954 "To Foster and Promote the Welfare of High Rock Lake and the Yadkin River"

  • In 1967-1968 obtained a change in the operating procedures by Alcoa intended to limit lake drawdown to 5 feet or less 96% of the time during the recreational season. Obtained Alcoa's promise that in years of severe drought, drawdown would not exceed eight feet.

  • Successfully fought to stop construction of a nuclear power plant on the Yadkin River, which would have consumed 75 million gallons of water daily from the river.

  • Obtained changes and clarifications to the 1988 pier specifications.

  • Worked to achieve major reductions in proposed regulations sought by Alcoa in its Shoreline Management Plan

  • Currently very active in petitioning the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to demand Alcoa operate the lake in accordance with the intent of the 1968 license amendment.

High Rock Lake Association Officers 2013-14

President - Larry Jones

Vice President - Lee Snow

Secretary - Karen Tysinger

Treasurer - Henry "Penny" Booke

The High Rock Lake Association is managed by a very active Board of Directors, consisting of representatives elected by the membership.
These individuals bring many different perspectives to our organization, and represent many areas around High Rock Lake.

CLICK here to see the full list of Directors.

The directors and members of the High Rock Lake Association urge any person who is not a member, but has an interest in the lake, to join the Association. Your financial support is needed, but more importantly, we need members who will volunteer their time and talent to serve on one of the Associations action committees. Help us work towards our next Goals:

1. Accomplish things that make our Lake FUN for all.

We will address issues of water quality, water quantity, over-zealous policing, and over zealous regulation of our lake.

2. Insure the Federal License Renewal for High Rock Lake satisfactorily addresses the issues that are important to us.

Attaining this goal will require the successful cooperation with local, state, and federal officials, as well as ALCOA during the next four years.

3. Growth of the High Rock Lake Association.

It is not necessary to own property on High Rock Lake, just a desire to help improve High Rock Lake.

Membership is only $25.00 per calendar year, $60.00 for three years, or $500.00 for a Lifetime Membership. Many members choose to make an additional contribution to assist in the work of the Association.

We welcome everyone!