If you are interested in serving on the Board of Directors, please let us know. Voting is at the Annual Membership meeting.

The term of service for Board Members shall be three years. 

Officer terms are one year until successors are elected.

Lee Snow, President

My wife Betsy, and I have lived in the Crane Cove development since 2006. We and our two daughters love lake life.  I have lived on High Rock Lake now for 44 years. My Mom and Dad bought a lot in Anchor Downs in the early 1970’s, when I was just a kid. Back then, we worked clearing the land and we camped at that location. Later in 1977 they built a house where we lived as full-time resident.  That is where I grew up and my Dad still lives there today.  

I can’t remember a time that I have not been involved with the High Rock Lake Association. When I was 12-13 years old my dad was a board member when the group needed to pull together their efforts and finances to ensure Alcoa was keeping up the lake levels and went to FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) to work on an agreement. For

years I joined my father at the monthly board meetings hearing firsthand of what is of importance to the 4,000 residents of the lake. That inspired me to continue to work with HRLA to help High Rock Lake be a fun and beautiful

place to enjoy for years to come. 

Board Term expires in 2025.

Barry Childers, Vice-President At-Large

I grew up on High Rock Lake and have made my living here, something that I am proud of, being the owner and operator of Childers Marine Construction. My entire adult life has been in Rowan County, and I currently live in Crane Creek. 

Since I grew up as a ‘River Rat’, there are too many lake memories to choose just one as my best. But I can say I am most proud of how our communities surrounding the lake has rallied together to bring the HRL CleanSweep back to an annual event to engaging our lake residents, recreational visitors and concerned citizens to do a good thing for our lake.

I became a HRLA member in 2000 because I know the lake, and want to ensure we keep our natural resource for generations

Board Term expires in 2025.

Henry Booke

Board Term expires in 2024.

AnnMarie Clark, Vice President, Memberships & Tresurer,
My husband and I moved to High Rock Lake in 2014, residing in Swearing Creek, Davidson County. I am originally from New York City, spent more than 33 years in the greater Washington DC area, and am now retired after 31 years as a federal employee, working in the Intelligence Community.
Our lake life affords us to host our children and extended family at our home every year for a “Family Reunion”. There islots of time spent on the lake – waterskiing, tubing, knee boarding and kayaking. “A good time is had by all.” My best memory is when our youngest daughter’s soon-to-be husband proposed to her on our dock surrounded by family. His comment thereafter, “It’s a good thing she said yes!”

I became a HRLA member in 2017 because a neighbor who had been on the Board for many years was moving and asked if I would consider serving. And I wanted to know more about what the Association was doing for its members and what was happening on the lake. Once on the HRLA board, I wanted to make a difference and began volunteering as an active member to make HRLA a more proactive association for its members.

Board Term expires in 2025.

Joyce Caron-Mercier, Board Secretary

We discovered High Rock Lake in 2009 and found a perfect weekend lake home. A few years later,

we were hooked and moved to our Panther Point/Catfish cove full time in 2016. I am originally

from Maine and lived in New Hampshire, Texas, and North Carolina. Lake living right here in Rowan

County has it all for me.

My husband Paul and I have enjoyed our time learning about the lake, supporting lakeside restaurants, and of course

showing off the many coves, beautiful scenery, and wildlife here to our visiting family and friends. I kayak when I can, or we you may see us out in our Yamaha Jet boat with our two great Danes, Max and Molly.

I work for the American Cancer Society, Charlotte and one of my coolest lake memories is when a dozen or so residents joined our inaugural lake luminaria night in September 2020. It was beautiful evening and raised

money for cancer research through remembering those we lost.

I became a HRLA member in 2010 and have been attending the HRLA board meetings since 2015 and have been learning more about the lake, the activities we offer as a community, the lake levels fluctuating and

promoting our lakeside community within the region through my HRL blog with www.YourRowan.com. In 2017 I joined the board and launched our HRLA Facebook page.

Board Term expires in 2024.

Jim Crawford

Jim teaches at Yadkin Valley Regional Career Academy, an early college high school in Davidson County that prepares students for successful careers, his area of expertise is in the field of healthcare and medical research. The school is always searching for partners with local businesses to create work internships for soon-to-graduate students for exploring local career opportunities.

Jim lives along High Rock Lake near the Abbot’s Creek feed point (northern top of the lake near Lexington) and has enjoyed the nature and fun now for over six years.

My favorite lake activity is watching the early spring nesting and hatching activities of the Great Blue Herons, ducks, and Geese in addition to being given expert fishing lessons by our Bald Eagles and Osprey along the shoreline.

Board Term expires in 2024.

Kelly Gallimore 

Board Term expires in 2025.

Warren Godwin

I am an originally from Southmont, N.C. and grew up appreciating High Rock Lake as a kid. In 1970 my family built the house I grew up in. I now reside in Waterford Point, Davidson County.

High Rock Lake is a perfect place for boating, fishing and water skiing. I am proud to add that my

mother was the Postmaster in Southmont for 35 years!

After retiring from the restaurant business, I became a HRLA member in 2005 because I wanted to help with concerns and any problems my neighbors may have experienced. They needed a portal for information and a voice to be heard. I figured I could be that person. I serve on the Events Committee and have worked at our HRLA information booth at the annual Dragon Boat Festival for years. Come visit me there on Saturday, July 24 th .

Board Term expires in 2024.

Rick Ketner 

Board Term expires in 2025.

Eric Wayne Monk

My wife and I have lived permanently on the main river, in Waterford Pointe neighborhood for years. We both, as children, grew up on the lake with our parents owning second homes here. We have a lot of fond memories on High Rock Lake.

Over the years, I have learned about the history of High Rock Lake and want to continue to learn more about the future of the lake. My dad's friends had been involved with High Rock Lake Association (HRL) and suggested that I join the Association to teach me more about he lake along with the companies that control the lake. I joined four years and then became a member on the board. It has been very rewarding.

I am a lifelong Lexington resident and I’m proud of my hometown.  Lexington has been good for my family, education and my business.  I’ve been in the restaurant business for 48 years.  My dad, Wayne, and I own Lexington Barbecue (known to locals as Honeymonk).  The restaurant is only 15 miles from the lake and benefits from the people heading to and from High Rock Lake.  I feel barbecue and High Rock Lake just seem to go well together.

Lake life is therapy for me.  I love watching the sunrise and sunsets over the lake. On summer weekends, the lake comes alive with more boats going by our property.  Boaters listening to music and the laughter of people making memories are wonderful to hear.  On weekends, the kids, grandkids, and friends come to hang out by the pool and end the day firing up the grill.  I enjoy grilling every Sunday during the summer.  I have the best memories watching my kids and their friends on the lake tubing, skiing, surfing and just riding around the lake visiting other friends and families.  In the evenings, I love to take a casual pontoon ride to watch others enjoying themselves with their families and friends.  

I joined HRLA to ensure that the changes and improvements are what is best for High Rock Lake.  We need to make the lake as safe, clean, and friendly as possible for guests and residents alike.   As an active HRLA member, my goal is to educate and inform all lake residents on improvements necessary for High Rock Lake. 

Board Term expires in 2025.

James (Jim) Noonan

Like many High Rock Lake residents, we test drove the lake before moving here permanently in


I am originally from Sanford, N.C. and for several years before we moved to the lake, my wife

(Paula) and I would camp on our pontoon. Then just about every weekend and holiday we were

camping on the ‘toon’, with cookstove and fine china.

We reside in Swearing Creek, Davidson County.

After retiring from the publishing industry, I became a HRLA board member in 2014 because I wanted to help improve, preserve, and ensure recreation on HRL will be available for future lake lovers like us. Over the past few

years, I have volunteered our pontoon as the ‘starter’ boat for the annual Dragon Boat Festival, hosting the race official and setting the stage for each race.

Paula was previously a board member.

Board Term expires in 2025.

High Rock Lake Association is a 501(c) 4 non-profit organization. P.O. Box 159, Southmont, NC 27351

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