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How are member dues used, and does anyone in the association get paid?

We are a non-profit organization led by an elected Board of Directors and Officers whose service is completely voluntary. Our operating budget depends entirely on the generosity and dedication of our members, who contribute through both their member dues and donations.

All funds collected are used to cover the association’s basic operational expenses, such as hosting this website, maintaining our membership software, PO Box, mailings, printing, etc. Any and all monies received over and above these costs are deposited directly into our reserve account, which essentially functions as a legal defense fund should legal services or other third-party professional services become required, as they have in the past.

We maintain a policy of 100% transparency on all association accounting processes and financial reports, which are openly presented to members each October at our annual all-member meeting.


Do you notify members when a significant change to the lake level is imminent?

We are pleased to have a regular and ongoing dialogue with Eagle Creek Renewable Energy (ECRE, dba Cube Hydro Carolinas), the owner/operator of the Yadkin Project hydroelectric facility. So, we are generally among the first to know when scheduled changes or drawdowns are likely to occur, which we then immediately communicate to our members via this website or email alerts (for those who have an email address on file with us).

That said, ECRE is under no legal obligation to notify us of lake-level changes as long as they are operating within the parameters of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) licensing agreement. (Which, thanks to our efforts during the relicensing negotiation process, must now be maintained within 4’ of full-pond during the recreational season (April-Oct) and within 10’ of full-pond in the off-season (Nov-Mar).

Please note: It is important to exercise caution and use common sense when monitoring the lake's water level. The inflow and discharge levels are highly variable, which means that the overall lake level and bridge clearances can change frequently, even within a single day.

Likewise, published lake levels and clearances (whether on this website, Cube Hydro, or elsewhere) should only be used as a guide to illustrate the approximate water level and trend and not as a substitute for personal awareness and commitment to safety.

Also, during the off-season months, special care should always be taken as larger swings in the lake level are more likely, especially during periods of unusually cold temperatures when hydroelectric energy demand is at its highest. This can dramatically increase discharge levels, quickly lowering the lake. Please act accordingly to protect your watercraft during the winter!


If I love High Rock Lake but don’t own property on the water, can I still be a member of the HRLA?

Absolutely! Property ownership on the lake is not necessary to become an HRLA member. In fact, many of our members don't own property. Like you, they’re simply folks who love spending time in, on, and around our lake waters and want to help us protect it.

So, by all means, please sign up. We’d love to count your name among our lake’s true champions!


What is the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP), and how does it affect my property?

The Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) specifies the agreed-upon rules for all High Rock, Badin, and Tillary Lake property owners regarding the permitted uses of their shoreline property (as defined in the Cube Hydro/Eagle Creek Renewable Energy (ECRE) relicensing agreement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which was approved in 2016).

All Shoreline Management Plans aim to balance public and private lake access while preserving natural and cultural resources. As such, the SMP guidelines cover various aspects of property owners' privileges and limitations when it comes to lakefront use, structures, and permits, including but not limited to pier types, their design, installation, and construction; usage of anti-erosion materials like riprap; minimum water depths, cove widths, and minimum setback requirements for building, among many other things.

In short, the SMP outlines all the activities that are allowed or prohibited on lakefront properties, as well as the approval processes for obtaining necessary permits, including the required documents, inspections, and fees.

It is highly recommended that individuals who currently hold permits or are considering applying for a permit take the time to become familiar with the current SMP and related documents and fees. This is to ensure that any changes or additions made to their shorelines or piers are done in compliance with the SMP and to avoid any future issues with enforcement. The complete SMP can be accessed online at this link: cubecarolinas.com/shoreline-management/

Please note: While the HRLA was deeply involved with the SMP negotiations during the FERC relicensing, achieving many sought-after changes for our members, and we are also pleased to continue our ongoing dialogue with Cube Hydro/ECRE, we are NOT directly affiliated with them. This means that we cannot assist you directly in dealing with any individual permitting or dispute resolution process.

All permitting and Shoreline Management Plan questions or issues must be handled directly with the appropriate Cube Hydro representatives, who you will find listed on their website here: cubecarolinas.com/contact/


What is the process for building a pier, retaining/sea wall, boat ramp, or adding any new, permanent structure on my shoreline?

As explained above, Cube Hydro’s Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) governs all aspects of shoreline construction, modification, or repairs. It can be found on the Cube Hyrdo website here: cubecarolinas.com/shoreline-management/

Please note: While we are pleased to have an ongoing dialogue with Cube Hydro and their parent company, Eagle Creek Renewable Energy (the licensed hydropower plant owner/operators), we are not directly affiliated with them. Therefore, we cannot assist you directly in dealing with any individual permitting or dispute resolution process.

All permitting and Shoreline Management Plan questions or issues must be handled directly with the appropriate Cube Hydro representatives, who you will find listed on their website here: cubecarolinas.com/contact/


About Us  |  Our History  |  Our Board  | FAQ

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